Resistance Bands for Women Men Teens — Home Gym Workout Bands — Non Slip Exercise Band — Girls Fitness Training Resistance Tubes — Physical Therapy Heavy Duty Exercise Bands Set of 11 and Guide Book

  • ✅ RESISTANCE BANDS SET is the best choice for active people and sports fans. With almost any combination of intensity within 10 — 100 lbs you can workout any muscle group.
  • ✅ BEST WORKOUT BANDS FOR MEN and WOMEN are great for sports and gym. These exercise bands for women, men and teens can be used in crossfit, fitness, yoga or stretching exercises.
  • ✅ EXERCISE BAND SET WITH DOOR ANCHOR are heavy duty and incomparably durable. The sturdy metal carabiner, comfortable ankle strap and natural latex tube ensure safe and convenient use of sport resistance band. Equipped with non slip handles to minimize hands fatigue making your workout more efficient.
  • ✅ GIRLS FITNESS TRAINING RESISTANCE TUBES are made of premium and eco-friendly latex that will not dry out, snap or de-form.
  • ✅ YOU GET AN AMAZING BONUS: Along with the physical therapy exercise bands set, you will receive an informative Exercise Guide Book! Inside you can find over 100 Unique Exercises for the Whole Body.

Product description

Why our Sport Resistance Bands Set is the best choice for active people and sports fans?

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: Resistance bands made of thick high-strength 100% highest quality natural latex, which doesn’t dry out, snap or deform.

UNIVERSALITY: no matter you are a beginner or a professional athlete you can expand your horizons with exercise fitness resistance tubes. The exercise bands set best for men women and kids with a variety of load intensity up to 100 lbs.

TRAIN EVERYWHERE: Professional gym exercise bands for men and women were designed to help achieve your goals on the road, at the gym or at home. Unlike large, clunky workout machinery, resistance bands take up only as much space as you do. Enjoy a morning workout in your hotel room or on your patio at home. Forget about long drives to the gym. You’ve got everything you need to work out in one convenient carry bag.

ALTERNATIVE USE: Workout bands with door anchor, ankle straps and non slip handles can be used as an alternative or supplement to yoga, stretching exercises, fitness or other training programs. Bands also used a lot for physical therapy, recovery or to increase mobility.

Durable clip system: Double layer nylon fabric straps come with 5D thicker stainless carabineer. It is more flexible, durable and safety during exercising. Metal clip system allows you easily to attach the soft-grip handles or ankle straps for a more comfortable workout.

What is in the box:

5x Resistance Bands with Adjustable Carabiners (from 10 to 30 lbs);

2x Foam Padded Handles;

2x Secure Ankle Straps;

1x Foam Door Anchor;

1x Nylon Carrying Bag;

1x Bonus Exercise Guide Book.



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